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Winter Waterway
Winter Waterway in the Mountains
Redwoods in Winter
Snow Covered Pines Between Redwoods
Little Red Schoolhouse
Little Red School in Winter
Snowy Beaver Dam
Snow Covered Beaver Dam on Pond
Barn in Field
Empty Barn in Snowy Field
Snow Covered Pines
Snow Covered Pines in Mountains
Sunrise Over Mountains
Pink Sunrise Over Winter Peaks
Winter Walking Bridge
Snowfall in Quaint Town
Icy Sunshine
Cold winter sun through ice covered tree
Distant Snowcaps
Snowcapped mountains reflecting in lake
Trees Blanketed in Snow
Alpine trees covered in snow
Winter Mill
Old Grist Mill in Winter
Completely Covered in White
Trees and mountains covered in snow
End of Autumn
Snowy peaks in New Zealand
Highland Boat
A boat waits for sun in Loch Maree
Winter Cabin
Sunny winter cabin covered in snow
Old Snowy Road
Snow covered trees line an old road
Windswept Field
Lone tree in winter field
Perfect in Winter
Winter snow covers tree and field
Snowed In
Small cabin snowed in by recent storm
White River
A river's edge blanketed in snow
Mountain Top
Iced lake surrounded by mountains
White on White
Snowy trees on winter white backdrop
Icy Oasis
Snowy ridges plummet into sky blue lake
The Lodge
Native lodge sits quietly in snowy pine grove
Winter Haze
Hazey sunshine behind row of trees
Beyond the Mountains
Layer after layer of snowcapped mountians
Winter Boughs
Frost covered pine boughs
Winter Overlook
Peaking through alpine boughs onto lake
Snow Valley
Perfect winter sunrise from a mountain top
Winter's Forest
Snow covered landscape
Winter Blues
Blue sky over winter valley with trees
Pine Ridge
Tracks up a pine ridge in winter Vermont
Landscape of the Matterhorn
Winter in Blue
Beautiful winter mountain scene
Lakeside Frost
Winter lake scene with frosty trees
Epic Landscape
Mountains scenic vista
Snowy Mountians
Snow capped mountian vista
Iced Trees
Ice covered trees with blue lake backdrop
Lake Effect
Pines covered in lake effect snow
Alpine Sunset
Sunset over snowy valley
Sunrise Surprise 1
Lavender sunrise on snowy pines
Sunrise Surprise 2
Bright sunrise on snowy pines
Patterns of shadow on snowdrifts
Winter Stream
Snow covered banks of a stream
First Frost
First frost on a wide meadow
Bridge Over Snow Stream
Quaint bridge over snow filled stream
Winter's Warmth
Warm winter sky over frozen lake
Cold Sun
Cold light bathes the lake shore
Clear Reflections
Reflection of winter trees in lake
Ice Falls
Ice formations around waterfall
Winter Wall 1
Stone wall with gate in winter
Winter Wall 2
Stone wall in winter
Tree in White
Frost covered tree alone in field
Sun and clouds over winter landscape
Winter Gold Mohegan Island, Maine
Coastal town bathed in golden sunrise
White Pastures
Lone horse in winter pasture
Arctic Night
Moon rises over the arctic
Brook Through Winter
A warm brook runs through white banks
Blue Gold
Winter sunrise with blue sky
Winter's Farm
Rustic gate to farm in winter
Snow Covered
Snowy mountian rises over trees
Frosty Cone
Frost covered pine cone
Morning Cold
Lone tree on winter sunrise in field
Winter Furrows
Farmers field in winter with frost covered tree
Rose Waters
Sunset over winter lake
Frosty Footbridge
Snow covered footbridge
Babbling Ice Brook
Icy brook babbles through woods
Warm Morning at the Farm
A raven flys in the warm sun over a farm
Pink Sky In Morning
A pink sky foretells of incoming storm
Still Snow
Stormy day with isolated snow flakes
Fence Line
Snow covered fence in winter field
Our Own Tracks
Tracks in the snow on a cold morning
Moon and Fence
Fence over the field lead to the moon
Snow Storm
View of scraggly pines through the snow storm
Ice Shelf
A shelf of ice hangs over the water
Snow Jay
Blue jay peers from snow laden pine bough
Morning Light
The sun warms snow covered pines
Ice Cap Blue Water
Ice cap melting
Green Ice
Green ice melting on the shore
Blue Drift
Snow drift patterns
Light Through Trees 1
Beautiful blue sky with sun through trees
Light Through Trees 2
Golden light through trees in winter
Pink and Blue
Winter pines bathed in morning light
Blossoms Coming Through
Yellow blossoms fight the snow
Cold and Shadow
Sun shines through meadow trees
Still Reflection
Sky reflecting on snowbanked pond
Extreme Fishing
Man fly fishes in winter stream
White Cannon
Snow covered cannon at Gettysburg
Over Icy Water
Footbridge over icy water
Mirror Pond
Icy trees reflected in winter pond
Captured Wave
A perfect circle carved out of an Iceberg
Back Country
Bright sunny expedition in snow capped mountains
Sunrise  Drifts
A cold sun rises over winter landscape
Passing By
Polar bear tracks in the snow
Winter Dawn
Dawn breaks on snow covered tree
Cannons in Gettysburg covered in snow
High Moon
Lone tree and moon on blue sky winter day
Trees of Frost
Two trees stand alone in winter field
The Aurora Lodge
Native lodge glows from inside with aurora borealis
Aurora Wisps
Aurora Borealis over winter landscape
Blue Winter Morning
Snow covered boats wait for spring along a lake
Mount Washington - Intervale
Mount Washington from the Intervale Overlook NH
Back Road
Tree lined winter back road
From the Hill
Winter view of Peacham Vermont
End of Day
Mount Washington From Intervale
Winter's Light
Full moon rises at sunset over winter meadow
Duck Pond
A bench along a duck pond in winter
Rime Ride
Horses and riders pass behind a rime covered tree
Cherry Rime
Rime covers a cherry tree in a snow covered field
Rime Meadow
Rime covered trees in a meadow with outbuilding
Golden Glow
Golden sunrise over a snow banked river
Winter Boughs
A treescape in winter along a river
Icy Blue
A look up through ice covered trees to the blue sky
Winter Banks
Snow covered banks along a river
Stands Alone
A lone tree stands on hill surrounded by other trees
Verical Climb
Winter storm on vertical cliffs in the Grand Canyon
Thin Ice
A new layer of ice coats this lake and trees
Just Plowed
Newly plowed dirt road along tree line
Close view of Peacham Vermont's church
Last Light
Last light on a field before the sun dips behind the mountain
Moon Glow
Tracks lead from the forest to the river in the full light of the moon
Winter Glaze
Golden light warms this winter river and trees
Sunset Lake
A bench along a lake at sunset
Moon Dot
Montana mountains are warmed over a frozen lake
Towering Pine
A snow covered pine surrounded by blue sky
A quiet water moment in a snow covered forest