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The Alpha Returns
Wolves greet the Alpha
Elephants on the Move
Elephant herd on the plains
The Outcropping
Leopard lying on a rocky outcrop
Two lions walking on the plains
Aquarium 1
School of fish swimming on the reef
Aquarium 2
Shark on the prowl
Aquarium 3
School of fish swimming
Bull Elk
A bull elk surveys his territory
In the Wake
Goselings follow their mother swan
Last Look
Gray wolf in Montanas backwoods
Autum Ghost
A wolf peers through Autumn leaves
Incoming Tiger !
Siberian tiger charging through the snow
Majestic Lion
An African lion watches his kingdom from the shade
The Birches
Two wolves meet under a birch tree
Underwater Flight
Sea turtle flys through water
Winter Nuzzle
Pair of Gray wolves
Gray Wolf near birch tree
Tree Hugger
A leopard cub relaxes in a tree while mother hunts
Fishing King
A bald eagle fishing on a lake
Bald eagle soars over beautiful mountain lake
Ocean Snuggle
A mother sea otter holds her sleeping pup
Aquarium 4
Tropic Reef
Meeting Tree
African lions wait for the rest of the pride
The Hot Sun
An african leopard rests in the shade
Bear Dreams
A grizzly bear taking a nap
Winter Mother
A mother polar bear shares a tender moment with her cubs
White Out
A polar bear cub snuggles against his mother in a storm
On the Move
A jet black wolf runs across an alpine meadow
Family Time
Grizzy mother and cub relaxing with perfect view
Snow Cat
A siberian tiger walks along a lake in the snow
Tree Hopper
Strawberry Tree Frog hanging out on colorful blossom
The Cub
Eight week old gray wolf cub in grassy meadow
Pacific Ridley Turtle comes to lay her eggs
Into the Foam
Newly hatched Leatherback Turtle entering the water
Blue Water
Great white shark in open ocean
Stormy Plains
A mother rhinoceros and baby await a rainstorm
Tiger Waits
A Siberian tiger waits in a forest
Tiger Eye
A tiger's eye glints with intention
African Sunset
Giraffes on the move at dusk
Dessert Puma
A mountain lion pauses in the dessert
A lion cub peers around its mother in the veldt
A newborn African elephant is cradled by it's mothers trunk
Full Moon Fox
Arctic Fox under a full moon
From Here to There
An Adelie Penguin jumps a cravass in the ice
Watering Hole
Elephants stop to drink and bathe
Leap of Faith
A polar bear jumps to another ice flow
Already Wet
A polar bear jumps to an ice flow after a swim
Quiet Solitude
A snow leopard crosses a high slope
Dusted With Snow
A wolf's face is covered in snow
Find the Lion
A Lion hiding in the grass
Passing Over
A Bald Eagle in flight Alaska
Jumping The Blue
Two dolphins jump in the ocean
Two clownfish
A sea turtle mugs for the camera
Golden Elephant
An elephant walks in the golden light of morning
Young One
A young tiger rests in the shade
A sailfin hunting fish
Monarchs reflect in water
She Wolf
A black wolf with intense eyes peers from around a rock
A mother elephant gently touches her infant
A herd of giraffes run through a shallow swamp
After Velvet
A large deer with his herd
Been Spotted
A spotted owl on a branch
Sky Prong
A pronghorn high up in the mountains
A curious penguin in the surf
Sunset Leap
Two dolphins jump in the wake of a boat at sunset
Framing the Shot
A curious polar bear becomes the photographer
Sweet Blossom
A white moth on a flower
A black wolf sits among birches
First Howl
A wolf cub howls with the pack
White Wave
Wolves run through snow like dolphins through water
Family Ties
A relaxed pack of wolves
The Rift
An elephant eating in the Rift Valley
This My Mommy
A cute polar bear cub on her sleeping mother
Penguins nestle their chick
Night Watchman
A lion at dusk on the plains
Little Cub
A baby cheetah is curious while his mother sleeps
The Pod
A mother and baby killer whale
Red Pup
A mother and kit fox
Lupine Profile
A wolf shows the camera her profile
A herd of bison on the plains
Landing Gear
An owl prepares for landing
Reef Hunter
A tiger shark out hunting
King of the Forest
A great gray owl
A crested langur smells a yellow blossom
A mother elephant and her infant
Perfect Pose
A lion cub poses in Africa
No Swimming 1
Caimans wait for spawning fish runs
No Swimming 2
A great white shark along a boat
Nice Place to Rest
A bison rests in a very beautiful spot
At Least It's Not the Couch
A tiger with cub marks her territory
It Was This Big !
Two pelicans in Africa
Butterflies on thistles
Pretty Kitty
A lioness looks up for the perfect shot
No Mistaking
A jaguar hunts the cameraman
A crab raises his arms up in defense
Dall ram sits on a hilltop
Frog Dream
Two frogs sit on still mirrored waters
A rhino walks intently to the camera
Where Egrets Fly
An egret flys off deeper into the marsh
So Dangerous But So Cute
A mother polar bear with twin cubs
Frisky Pants
A cute frisky baby elephant
Elk Night
A humid sunset for this elk
A leopard wakes up in a hot afternoon
Gentle Giant
A whale shark eating plankton
Slow and Steady
A tortoise taking his time
Two elk compete for the herd
Hanging Out
A wolverine relaxes in a tree
Secret Lives of Armadillos
Who knew they could catch air ?
Arctic Beauty
An arctic fox in blue snow
Lovebirds trade secrets
Cat Fight ?
Two hares battle it out over territory
A mother chimpanzee cradles her baby
A close up of a butterfly
Above the Dark
Giraffes watch for the incoming night
First to Rise
A giraffe at sunrise
The Hunt
A lion starts to hunt at dusk
A butterfly flits through a flowered meadow
Little Linxes
Two lynx kittens play together on a rock
A young leopard
The Look Out
a proboscis monkey in the trees
A large grizzly bear
Meadow Hedge
A hedgehog in flowery meadow
Sleeping in the Clouds
Night falls for these alpacas
Purple Nights
A cheetah on the move at night
Night Stag
A red deer stands in the moonlight
Kings Peak
An eagle surveys his misty morning kingdom
Monkey Pose
A vervet sits on stump
Rabbit Hole
Cute rabbit in a hollowed out stump
A cute harp seal pup at sunset
The Jokester
A wolf tells a joke to his pack
Ocean Flight
Birds fly on the ocean currents
A mountain goat surveys its mountain range
Not Backing Down
A gazelle taunts its opponent
A gorilla eats roots in a swamp
White on Blue
A beautiful white bird attempts to land on ice
The Comeback
A lynx stares steadily at the camera
An Ocelot stalks the forest