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Canyon River
Overlook in Grand Canyon
Trees Edge
A tree grows at the edge of the Grand Canyon
Moon Glass
Ice on a lake reflects the moonlight
Cali Mists
Big Sur
South Rim
Shosone Point Grand Canyon
Shadowed Canyon
Light filters into Marble Canyon
Island in the Clouds
Mist rises up around Coon Creek Watershed
Water rushes over the American Falls from Luna Island
Wind Water Earth
The Drashner Lake meets the Mountains and Sky Alaska
Red Sky Bridal Falls
Yosemite National Park
El Capitan
Merced River Yosemite National Park
On Edge
Grand Canyon
Winters Edge
Winter in the Grand Canyon
Top of the Canyon
Sunset over the Grand Canyon
Mist and light in West Thumb Geyser Basin Yellowstone
Hot day in the Grand Canyon
Grand Prismatic
Yellowstone Hotspring
Between the Mountains
Sunset silhouettes a bridge in golden light
Canary Spring
Yellowstone Mammoth Terrace
Coastal Cool
Warm morning sun on cool morning
Snow Dusted Canyon
Sunset in the Grand Canyon
Back Woods
A perfect day in Yellowstone National Park
Sunrise Quiet
A still sunrise over Yellowstone River
Mt. Washington With Hotel
Mt. Washington With Hotel
Mt. Washington Without Hotel
Mt. Washington Without Hotel
Balsams Dixville, NH
Full summertime mountains in Dixville
Mt. Chocorua From Bridge
Rock topped Mt Chocorua from the quaint bridge
Mtns. On Kancamagus Hwy.
Panoramic of the mountains from the Kanc
Lily Pond, NH
Fall colors dot the landscape
Long Lake, ME
Water reflects the blue sky on Long Lake
Top Of Mt. Washington
The tip top of Mount Washington
Shorey Park Bridgton, ME
Cold mist rises from the waterway in Shorey Park
Wildcat From Mt. Washington
Panoramic from the top of Mt. Washington overlooking the Wildcat ski area
Sky Light
Beautiful clouds at sunset
Black Pond Trail
A streams winds along in the White Mountain National Forest in NH
Clear Water
Cold clear pool at Sabbaday Falls in the White Mountain National Forest
Sunlit Katahdin Stream in Baxter State Park ME
Under the Sycamore Tree
Fall colors paint a maple and sycamore tree
Paper White
Birch trees stand among fall colors in New Hampshire
Hair Pin Turn
A slow ride on the Monadnock Mountain road in New Hampshire
Natures Mirror
Fall color mirrors along a Connecticut river
Bogs End
Grassy bank in Cap Breton Highlands Nova Scotia
Mossy Pathway
A moss covered path in Acadia National Park
Sugar Maple
A lone maple stands in a Peacham Vermont field
The Path Less Traveled
Old dirt road in Peacham Vermont
From the Kanc
Sun sets over the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire
Fall Mountain
Solitary peak juts out of the White Mountian National Forest in NH
Wide Open
Perfect panoramic of the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire
New Hampshire
A waterfall in Moultonborough
Perfect Sunrise
Quaint sunrise in the Vermont countryside
Autumn Glow
The sun filters through outstretched boughs
Dressed in Yellow
A forest of fall gold trees in England
Morning Ride
A perfect country road lined by trees early in the morning
Along the Kanc
A suspension bridge on the Kancamagus New Hampshire
The Plains
A storm approaches a lone tree on the African plains
New England View
A picturesque fall day in Bartlett New Hampshire
Train Tressle
A train tressle in the White Mountain National Forest NH
Rocky Course
The Swift River in the White Mountain National Forest
Autumn Falls
Gorgeous Arethusa Falls, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
Layered Majesty
Sunrise in the Mountains of Acadia National Park
Fall Road
A stone wall follows the road through the woods
Birch Stand
Birch trees peak through the autumn colors in the forest
A canoe is ready to launch onto this lake that traverses the Maine and New Hampshire boards
Young maples grow up between paper birch trees
Yellow Trees
A road passes through yellow trees
Silhouette of Three
Three oak trees stand in a beautiful sunset
Stand of Green
Summer birches stand together in this thicket
Peaceful Morning
Fog lifts off of Squam Lake NH in the early moments of daybreak
Morning Row
A boat waits for its passengers on a quiet morning in New Hampshire
Morning Walk
Path through the Vermont forest
Adirondack chair sit alongside Moosehead Lake in Maine
A dock sits in Pier Pleasant Lake New Hampshire
Mountain View Point
A view of Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire
From Mt Major
Sunrise of Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire
In the Mist
Lake Chocorua in the White Mountains New Hampshire
Up Into the Canopy
Looking up through fall foliage
Lake Foliage 1
A lake in Peterborough New Hampshire
Lake Foliage 2
A lake in Peterborough New Hampshire
Autumn Mirror
A fall landscape is perfectly mirrored on a lake in the White Mountain National Forest NH
The Camels Hump
Grassy meadow in Vermont topped with the Camels Hump mountain
Fall Sugar Maple
A sugar maple displays its orange and gold fall colors
Lower Falls on Kanc
White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire
The Pemmi
The Pemigewasset River runs through Franconia Notch NH
A yellow maple leaf resting in the water
The Melt
Ice and mist over a river
A road is divided by a maple in fall
Blue River
Blue sky and clouds perfectly mirrored in a river
Yellow Arch
Yellow fall trees arch over an unpaved road
Over Grown
A meadow is over growing with white birches
A misty forest early in the morning
Birch Reflected
A still pond reflects the fall foliage
A leaf in autumn lands in a rocky creek bed
Antelope Canyon swirls with rich color
Ancient Tree
A redwood reaches for the sky
Into Sky
Birch trees reach for the sky from the snowy meadow
Rocky Brook
Sunset on a quiet brook
Ice on Ice
Cloulds highlight a jagged iceberg
Moon Over Africa
A tree is silhouetted
A monarch feeds on nectar in a meadow
Sunset Pines
The sun sets over a lake with pine trees
On To The Moon
The moon looks down over water
Pine Cone
The forest floor is covering in pine cones
Incoming Storm
A storm rolls in over a field
Dew forms on a green leaf
Pastel Evening
Pastel colors refect off still waters
Silver Birch
A silver birch in a field
Old Road
An old logging road in the morning
Peaceful Sunset
A peaceful evening on a lake
Flowered Meadow
A purple flowered meadow in a valley
Leafy Greens
Leaves are covered in dew
Over Grown
An old road is overgrown with grass
Frost on a window
A close up of a snowflake
Fall Dew
Dew on a fall leaf
A close up of frost
A rainbow forms during a thunderstorm
Clear Waters
Crystal clear water in a fast stream
Pine Bouquet
A pine bough with cones
Highland Meadow
A meadow with mountains and lake
An acorn nestled in a tree nook
Fern Brook
A beautiful green fern along a fast brook
Maui Heights
Above the Haleakala Crater
Filtered Light
The sun filters through trees
Mountain Rain
A storm over mountains
Mist Lake
Mist rises out of the lake in the morning
Lightning cracks over a lake
Arctic Ice
Ice melting in the ocean
The Luna Carona New Caldea Vent
Hot Set
The hot glowing sun sets in the tropics
Blue Sky
The sky is blue above this mountain lake
First Snow
The first snow on a river
Cluster of aspen trees
Secluded waterfalls
Elder trees covered in moss
River at Dawn
A beautiful morning as mist rises on a river
Cherry tree blooms in Spring
Bright Morning
Pine forest in the early morning
Ball of Fire
The sun shadows a bare tree
Cold Morning
The sun rises beside a tree
Standing Alone
A large redwood towers over the pines
Forgotten Path
Trees canopy this long forgotten path
Driftwood waits for the high tide
Morning Dream
An ethereal sunrise
The moon over Scotland
Stary Night
A night in Yellowstone
Foxtail pine tree
A meadow in Scotland
Moon Over
A full moon highlighting a lone tree
Storm Moon
A storm approaches the moon
Lupines in a meadow
Waterfowl Lake
Mirrored like glass on Waterfowl Lake
Emerald Lake
From the porch
Lily Pad
A quiet day on the pond
Pink Sky in Morning
A still morning in the mountains
Clouds form over this mountainous lake
Roots and Cones
The pine forest floor
Gold on Green
A yellow leaf on green stone
Fall Frozen
A fall leaf is frozen in lake waters
Pine in Rain
Pine needles covered in raindrops
Sun Set Perfection
The sun sets over a lake with puffy clouds
Fronds uncurling
Water and reflection make for a great abstract
The trees and mist filter the sunlight
Many Falls
Water cascades over many falls
Mountain Waters
A fast running stream
Big Water
A large waterfall in the mountains
Multiple waterfalls
Beauty Falls
A beautiful waterfall with blue sky
Emerald Falls
A waterfall in lush green surroundings
Water Slide
A gentle waterfall into a deep pool
Over the River
This fast brook cuts through the cliff
Meadow Tree
A tree stands in a flower filled meadow
Birch Field
A white birch stands in a field of flowers
A scenic outlook over forest and mountain
Fern Wood
A lush green forest with trees and ferns
Open Spaces
Ferns grow up in an open forest space
Waves of Tahoe
A choppy day on Lake Tahoe
Moss Green
A forest covered in moss in dappled sunlight
Golden Morning
Beautiful sunrise on a lake
On The Dock
Mist rises on a cool morning by the dock
Over Grown
An overgrown pasture with birch trees
Spring Blues
Bluebells carpet this forest floor
Smooth Stone
Sunrise on the shores of England
Fields of Blue
A field of blue flowers on the forests edge
Leaf Light
Leaves glow in the morning sunlight
A beautiful Spring meadow