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Local Wildlife

Barred Owl in Pine Tree
Alert Barred Owl In Forest
Nuthatch Posing on Tree
Downy Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Cougar with Cubs
Mother Mountian Lion with Cubs Resting in the Rocks
Baby Skunks
Three Baby Skunks in a Meadow
Cute Chickadee on Moss Covered Branch
Screech Owl
Sceech Owl on Snow Covered Pine Branch
Gray Squirrel
Nibbling Gray Squirrel
Barred Owl
Close Up of a Barred Owl in Winter
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl in Winter Tree
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl in Fall Birch Tree
Turkey Vulture
Watchful Turkey Vulture
Red Shouldered Hawk
Just Landing
Winter Crossbills
Snow Covered Pine Branches with Crossbills
Barn Owl In Flight
Snowy White Barn Owl in Flight
Mourning Doves
Mourning Doves Perched on Snowy Branch
Tree Sparrow Dance
Winter Dance of the Sparrow
Coiled Rattlesnake
Close Up of Coiled Rattlesnake
Baby Woodchucks
Mother Woodchuck with Babies In Hideout
Indigo Bunting
Beautiful Blue Indigo Bunting
Eagle Fishing
Eagle Over Lake About to Grab Fish
Black Bear by River
Black Bear Alongside a Grassy Riverbank
Sibling Black Bears
Two Twin Cubs Wandering in Forest
The "Look Out"
Black Bear Cub Up a Tree Overlooking the Mountains
King of the Hill 1
Black Bear Cub Sitting on a Boulder on a Sunny Day
King of the Hill 2
Black Bear Cub on a Boulder Standing Against the Sky
Uphill 1
Black Bear Walking Up a Flower Filled Hill
Woodland Flower Shop
Baby Black Bear Cub Sitting in Flowers
New Baby Bear 1
Baby Bear Cub Sitting in Den
Uphill 2
Black Bear Walking Uphill on Sunny Fall Day
New Baby Bear 2
Two Twin Cubs in Den
Ole Half Ear
Black Bear Standing on Granite Boulder in Birch Forest
Secret Stream
Black Bear Crossing a Stream in a Thick Forest
A Safe Spot 1
Young Black Bear Climbing a Tree
A Safe Spot 2
Bear Cub Perched in Tree Branches
Black Bear Wedged in Tree
Curious Sow
Black Bear Walking Towards Camera
Young Bear 1
Young Black Bear in Forest Meadow
Young Bear 2
Young Black Bear in Meadow
Back Scratching 101
Mother Black Bear With Cub Scratching Her Back on Tree
Waiting for Mummy 1
Two Treed Black Bear Cubs
Waiting for Mummy 2
Baby Black Bear Cub Resting in Tree
Coming Down
Young Black Bear Coming Down a Tree
Winter's Coming
Large Black Bear in Autumn Field
Uphill 3
Black Bear at the Top of a Fall Meadow
Meadow Youngster
Young Black Bear Walking by Purple Flowers
Baby Bear 2
Close Up of Young Black Bear
Triplet Black Bear Cubs in Tall Green Grass
Waiting for Mummy 3
Baby Black Bear Waiting for Mother Bear to Return
Not Coming Down 1
Black Bear Cub Waiting on a Birch Tree
Paws for Thought
A Black Bear Pauses to Look in the Distance
Somewhere to Go
A Black Bear on the Move
Hanging Around
Adult Black Bear Waiting Up a Tree
Not Coming Down 2
Two Black Bear Cubs Hold Up in a Pine Tree
Mother's Love
Tender Moment Between a Mother Black Bear and Her Cub
Mother Black Bear with Twin Cubs
Beaver Working in Reflection of Green
Hard Work
A Beaver Chewed Tree Ready to Fall
Beaver Dam 1
Beaver Hut on Lake
Beaver at Dusk
Beaver Eating Leaves Beside Water Bared Roots
Going Back In
A Beaver on Bank Ready to Go Back for Leaves
Beaver Dam 2
Beautiful Lake and Clouds Sunset with Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam 3
Mountains and Lake with Beaver Hut
Always Working
A Beaver Swimming
Nesting Blue Bird
A Blue Bird Entering Nesting Box
Treetop Scout
A Blue Bird On the Tree Top
Blue Heron 1
Blue Heron Taking Off a Lake
Blue Heron 2
Blue Heron In Flight
Blue Heron 3
A Gliding Blue Heron
Blue Heron Stretching
Blue Heron Stretching in the Sun
Content Bobcat
Close Up of Contented Bobcat
Winter Bobcat
Bobcat in the Snow
Snowy Field Bobcat
Bobcat in a Snow Covered Field
You've Been Spotted
A Watchful Bobcat
A Sucessful Hunt for a Bobcat in Winter
Yellow Butterfly on Purple Flowers
Monarchs on Black
Orange Monarchs Against Black Backdrop
Monarch at Rest
Orange Monarch on Purple Flowers
Canda Goose 1
Canada Goose on Blue Green Water
Canada Goose 2
Canada Goose on Pond
Sunset Geese
Sunset with Migrating Birds
Autumnal Geese
Canada Geese with Autumnal Reflection on Water
The Migration
Migrating Flock of Canada Geese
Geese at Rest
Canada Geese with Snow Covered Background
Fall Cardinal
Red Cardinal on Fall Leaves
Red Cardinal on Mossy Branch
Pine Cones and Cardinal
Red Cardinal on Snow Covered Pine Branch
Spring Cardinal
Red Cardinal in White Flowered Branch
Curious Cardinal
Red Cardinal in Dappled Sunlight
Chipmunk 1
Bright Eyed Chipmunk
Chipmunk on Rock
Chipmunk 2
Chipmunk on Sunny Stump
Morning Howl
Coyote with Cub Howling
Some Place to Be
Coyote on the Move in Snowy Field
Spring has Arrived
Coyote Pauses in Melting Snow
Hold On
A Coyote Spots Something in the Field
Coyote Howl
Howling Coyote
Trail Blazing
A Coyote Blazes a Fresh Trail in the Snow
Distant Howl
A Coyote Hears a Noise and Pauses to Listen
Head Back and Howl
Two Coyotes Howl in the Snow
Hunting Pounce
A Coyote Pounces While Hunting Mice in Winter
Needed Rest
A Coyote Catches Much Needed Shut Eye in the Snow
Taking a Break
A Coyote Curls Up in the Snow
Summer Coyote
A Coyote in a Summer Meadow
Winter Doe
A Winter Doe in Profile
A Fawn Looks Back in a Green Meadow
Twin Fawns
Twin Fawns Huddle Together in Grassy Field
Doe in the Field
A Doe Stops to Look
Curious Doe
Close Up of Doe
First Stream
A Tender Moment of a Doe with Fawn
Doe In Baxter State Park, ME.
A Doe Drinks in a Stream
Checking Behind
An Alert Doe Looks Behind
Road Crossing 1
A Doe Grazing Beside a Rural Road
Road Crossing 2
A Doe Crosses a Rural Road
Perfect Pose
A Doe Stops Mid Step in Winter Brook
Young Buck
A Young Buck Sports New Prongs
A Fawn Hides in Thicket
First Snow
A Doe Walks a Farmer's Field During First Snow
Fall Buck
A Buck Stops to Pose in Fall
Snow Field Buck
A Buck Stops to Pose in Winter
Seasoned Buck
Large Buck Stands for Close Up
Mother Doe and Yearling Walk Through a Fall Field
Grazing Doe
A Doe Grazes in a Green Field
Golden Backdrop of a Doe on Hillside
Point of Interest
A Buck and Doe Look In the Distance
Fawn in Grass
A Bright Eyed Fawn in Green Meadow
Curious Buck
A Buck Noses to the Camera
Woodland Fawn
Fawn in Green Ferns
A Buck Stands His Ground
Woodland Shadow
A Fox in Baxter State Park Maine
A Curious Fox Sits on Dirt Road
Making Friends 1
A Fox Checks Out a Polar Bear
Winter Coat
A Red Fox Sits In Snow
Arctic Kits
Two Arctic Fox Kits
Fox Portrait 1
A Young Red Fox Close Up
Twin Kits
Two Red Fox Kits
Making Friends 2
A Red Fox Checks Out a Grizzly Bear
Red Fox on the Move in Winter
Red Fox Staring Intently While Hunting
A Red Fox Stops Short in His Tracks
Curious Fox 1
A Red Fox Paws Curiously at the Camera
Fox Portrait 2
Close Up of a Red Fox
Fox Profile 1
Profile of Red Fox in Winter
Senior Picture
A Fox Poses Against a Tree in Winter
Curled Up
A Fox Naps in the Sun and Snow
Who's That
A Fox Listens For Squirrels in a Tree
Curious Fox 2
A Curious Red Fox Noses Toward the Camera
Winter Fox
Red Fox on Snow Bank
Two Fox in Winter
Two Fox Playing in the Snow
Enjoying the Sun
Two Red Fox Resting in Sunshine
Fox Profile 2
Profile of Red Fox in Fall
A Red Fox Kit Waits on a Hill Top
Black Phase Fox
A Black Phase Fox with Nose to the Ground
Young Gray Fox
Gray Fox in Green Field
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox on Snowy Hill
Evening Grosbeak
Evening Grosbeak with Pink Flowered Branch
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Rose Breasted Grosbeak with White Flowered Branch
Pine Grosbeak
Pine Grosbeak on Pine Cones
Loon Swimming on Reflections of Green
Nesting Loon 1
Loon Nesting on March
Nesting Loon 2
Loon Nesting with Chick
Female Mallard
Female Mallard on Rock
Mallard in Flight
Male Mallard in Flight
Luna Moth
Luna Moth on Green Ferns
Moose in Stream
Bull Moose in Stream
Summer Moose
Bull Moose In Green Meadow
Young Bull
Young Bull Moose
Afternoon Swim
Young Bull Moose Swimming in River
A Bull Moose Over Looking His Territory
Mirror Calves
Two Moose Calves in a Stream
The Rut
Two Bull Moose Fighting
Better View
Bull Moose Near Treeline
Bull Moose Emerging from Birch Trees
Silhouetted 1
Bull Moose in Silhouette
Carribou Marsh
Carribou Standing in Lake
Lakes Edge 1
Moose Cow and Calf Wandering Near Lake
Lakes Edge 2
Moose Cow and Two Calves Near Waters Edge
Lunch Time
Moose Cow Water Drenched Eating in Lake
Velvet 1
Bull Moose Half Hidden in Brush While Slumbering
Moose in Blue
Bull Moose Profile Against Blue Sky
Velvet 2
Bull Moose Reclining at Forests Edge
Velvet 3
Bull Moose Resting in Forest
Sunrise Moose
Moose in Winter at Sunrise
Moose in Green
Bull Moose Emerging from Dense Brush
Alpine Moose
Bull Moose Walking in Mountains
Curious Moose
A Curious Bull Moose With Blue Sky and White Clouds
Moose in Birches
Moose Cow Hiding in Birch Forest
Morning Moment
Bull Moose on Misty Lake
The Bull
Bull Moose
The Cow
Moose Cow
The Competition
Two Bull Moose Fighting in Rut
Silhouetted 2
Golden Pond with Silhouetted Bull Moose
Making Friends 3
Young Bull Moose and Crow Meet
Forest Cow
Moose Cow Emerges from the Forest
After Velvet
Bull Moose in Pond
Moose in Lake
Bull Moose Knee Deep in Lake
Morning Walk 1
Moose Cow and Calf on a Stroll
Morning Walk 2
moose Cow and Calf Eating in Birches
Silhouetted 3
Moose Cow Silhouetted on Salmon Colored Sunset
Bull Moose Walking His Territory
Mother and Calf
Tender Moment Between a Mother Moose and Her Calf
Bull and Cow
A Bull and Cow at Forest Edge
Moose Reflections
Moose in Pond with Snowcapped Mountains
Lone Moose
Big Bull Moose Grazing
The Elder
Old Bull Moose in Thought
Young Cow
A Young Moose Cow Looks Directly at the Camera
Winter Moose
A Young Moose Belly High in a Snowy Field
Red Squirrel 1
Red Squirrel Eating in a Pine Tree
In the Rafters
Barn Swallow Chicks in Rafters
Red Squirrel 2
A Red Squirrel Heads Down a Tree
A Great Gray Owl Watches Over Her Three Chicks
A Woodpecker Hammers Away at a Tree
Pileated Woodpecker with Chicks
A Woodpecker Feeds its Two Chicks
Pine Marten on the Move
A Pine Marten Surveys It's Home
Resting Pine Marten
A Curiouse Pine Marten on a Treee Branch
Pine Marten Portrait
Pine Marten Peaks Out of Hollow Tree
A Porcupine Rests in Tree
Two Puffins Off the Maine Coast
Puffins Resting
Puffins Resting on Coastal Rocks
Racoon Fishing
Racoon Fishing on the River Bank
Racoon in Forest
Racoon in Fallen Tree
Baby Racoons
Three Baby Racoons in Tree
Racoon Portrait
Racoon Posing for the Camera
Racoon Niche
Young Racoon Peaking from It's Home
Rainbow Trout 1
Trout Swimming in Clear Water
Rainbow Trout 2
Close up of Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout 3
Two Rainbow Trout Swimming Near Moss Covered Rocks
Raven with Chicks
Raven Feeding Her Chicks
Storm Crow
Beautiful Backdrop for Black Raven
Silhouetted Crow
Rainy Day Raven Perched on Branch
Ring Necked Pheasant 1
A Male Pheasant Showing Off
Ring Necked Pheasant 2
Ring Necked Pheasant Display
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Ruby Throated Humming Bird Drinking from Pink Flower
Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Female Ruby Throated Humming Bird
Airborn Salmon
Salmon Swimming Upstream
Curious Ermine
Winter White Weasel in Glinting Snow
Ermine at Dusk
Ermine Peers From His Den
Weasel in Summer Colors in Forest
Ermine in Winter Field
Snow White Ermine in Frost Tipped Field
Spring Ermine
Ermine Changing From Winter White to Brown
After the Storm
White Ermine Looks Out Over the Fresh Glinting Snow
Ermine Portrait in White
The Perfect White on White Ermine
Weasel Playing in Snow
A Weasel Playing in the Snow