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Dogs & Cats

Send us a digital image of your pet and we can put your pups or cats on canvas !

Wistful Thinking
A cute kitten looks thoughtfully
Tucked In
A tiny sleeping kitten is tucked into bed
Red Velvet
A kitten lays in the sunlight on red velvet
Two Tired
Two kittens fall asleep in bowls
Rose Is A Rose
A kitten is pretty in pink
A kitten hunts from a table top
Kitten Portrait
A blue eyed kitten poses for a picture
Pink Noses 1
Pink nosed close up of a little kitten
The Meadow Kitten
A Siamese kitten sits on a rock in a green meadow
Kitten in Winter
A young cat sits on a post in the winter
A kitten walks along a fence
Three's Trouble
Three tabby kittens
A comfortable kitten all in white
Calling To Me?
A kitten looks to see what's going on
Two kittens nuzzling against a white background
Pink Noses 2
Very sleepy kitten
A kitten explores an old car
House Tiger
A cute kitten on a bedspread
Side Pocket
A kitten checks out the side pocket of a pool table
Hidden Tiger
A kitten peeks out from a basket
Cute Kitten
A kitten sits by stuffed animals
Perfect Spot
A kitten finds the perfect spot to sleep
A cute kitten in a pink boa
Pink Noses 3
A young cat sleeping on a pink blanket
Baby Blanket
A baby kitten on a fur blanket
A cute kitten
A group of kittens on a black backdrop
Persian Pink 1
Two persian kittens in pink knitting
Just Relaxing
A kitten lays half off of a table
Persian Pink 2
A cute persian kitten on a pink yarn
A white kitten on the piano
Paper Bag
Two persian kittens in a paper bag
Snow Flake
A cat in winter chasing snowflakes
Garden Calico
A cat reclines in the garden
Green Eyes
Beautiful green eyes of a cat
Tough Guy
A cat with attitude mugs at the camera
Barn Cat
A cat does his rounds in his Massachusetts dairy
In The Sun
A comfortable cat in the sun
Poppy Cat
A cat sits in the poppy field
A cat sits watching while hiding
A cat snuggles on a yellow blanket
Angel Eyes
A beautiful close up of blue eyed cat
What's Hidden
A cat peers through a break in the barn wall
Hide and Pounce
A cat waits to pounce
Commercial Break
Returning to your chair after a commercial
A cat sits contently half hidden
Too Early
A cute cat sleeping
Were you calling me ?
A green eyed white cat in the snow
Hit the Snooze Button
A cat laying in bed on a lazy morning
A cat sits in a clover field
Close up of cat cleaning it's paw
A cat cleans her friend
A cat sits on the deck with an intent look
House Panther
A black cat with intense eyes
Road Home
A cat travels home before a storm
The Sill
A white cat with two different colored eyes
A fluffy cat sits on a fence post
Bath Time
A curious cat in a bathtub
Two affectionate cats
Snow Cat
A cat runs in the snow
A sound asleep cat
Lap of Luxury
A cat sits on a fancy blue couch
Like Mummy
A mother cat and kitten
Beach Combing
Puppies at the beach
Puppy Portrait
A Boston terrier
Boxer puppy
Fire House Pups
Dalmatian puppies
Fetch 1
A golden retriever puppy
A sleeping golden puppy
Cute Golden
A retriever puppy
Sled Dogs
Husky puppies
Happy Puppies
Three smiling bull terrier puppies
Daddy's Chair
Bulldog puppies sleeping in a red chair
Best Friends
A kitten and puppy sleep nestled together
White Wash
A bulldog puppy on white
A dachshund puppy relaxing
Babies Blanket
A cute puppy on his favorite blanket
Little westies out for a walk together
Cute Siberian puppies
Corgi's !
Three puppies taking a nap
Jack Russell
A cute jack russell puppy
Awe 1
A cute chihuahua puppy
A cute family portrait
Awe 2
The cutest smile
A corgi puppy sleeping
Just Little
Tiny bulldog puppies
Out for a Walk
A mastiff puppy out in the grass
A lab puppy
Big Baby
A great dane puppy
Basket of Kisses
Cute puppies in a basket
Puppy Time
A cute golden retriever puppy
Baby Blues
A cute husky puppy
Lab In Snow
A black lab puppy playing in snow
Blue Collar
A puppy against a blue blue sky
Tea Time
A tiny white puppy in a blue teacup
Big Dog
A cute chihuhua puppy
Fetch 2
A little shetland puppy playing fetch
A cute puppy looks skyward
Fetch 3
A retriever plays fetch in the ocean
A lab poses with his prized possession
Summer Fun
Best friends play in the ocean
The Car Ride
A great dane going for a ride
Two dogs snuggle in a favorite blanket
Serving Our Country
A military man carries his dog
Out the Window
A weimaraner looks out a window
A terrier in a field
The Marsh
A yellow lab in the marsh
Trail Blazing
A shepard trailblazes in winter
A Keeper
A golden sits in the sun
A boating beagle on the dock by his boat
Black lab in a field of buttercups
Sunny Disposition
A papillon sits on the grass
Irish Eyes
An Irish setter in a green meadow
A spaniel sits ready to go in the forest
The Dane
A great dane watching intently
On the Deck
A cocker spaniel sits on the deck in the sun
Vermont Nights
Out with the dogs in the moonlight
Three dogs out in the field
The Nose
A bloodhound relaxing
The Royal Couple
Two Golden Retrievers
Spring in the Forest
A springer spaniel in the woods
Pool Dog
A jack russell gets ready for a pool party
Perfectly Groomed
A beautifully groomed Afghan
Meadow Dog
A dog roams the pasture in the sun
Wind in My Fur
A dog runs on a beach