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Castle Walls
Royal walls with window and arched door
To the Ocean
Three arched windows to the port
Bonsai Garden
Shoji screens lead to a manicured garden
Big Ben
Street view of Big Ben
Foggy day over wheeled farm equiptment
The Mill
Interior of a stone grinding wheel in a mill
Intricate ceiling
Stone street view
Roman column in marble
Delicately painted walls and ceilings
Wrought iron gate
Marble Support
A marble column
Palace Carving
Colorful carving in Istanbul
Clouds Over
A white croass against a blue sky
Cobblestone surrounds this man hole cover
In Marble
Detail in a marble column
Low Column
Old marble column in grass
Square Down
Stairs with wrought iron and wood rails
Best in Bronze
An ornate panel of bronze
One of Montreals cathedrals
Bells in arches against a sky of blue
Old padlock on a blue green door
Skeleton Key
A skeleton key in a lock on a white door
A clay jug sits in an arched doorway
Log End
The juncture of a log home
Vaulted ceiling over a pipe organ
A coliseum is lit up at night
A rusty nut and bolt in a fence
Flowers bloom between a shutted window and door
Carved Columns
The temple or Horus
Palace of the Winds
Stone carved palace
Mosaic Windows
The Dome of the Rock
Ornate Doors
Nepal temple doors
A stone carving of Durga a hindu God
Golden Ceiling
Ceiling in a temple in India
Ornate brick work into arches
Morocco Arch
Ornate carving and brick work in Morocco
Stained Light
Pillars bathed in stained glass window light
Aragon Stair
Ornate stairs lead up in Spain
Street Side
Large door with bicycle on the street
Beautifully painted dome
Columns and stone work in an Egyptian tomb
Stair Glow
Light glows at the top of green lit stairs
Wooden spokes of a buggy wheel
Still Standing
Columns of the Acropolis
Santa Maria
A statue in Florence Italy
Stone Wall
An arch of bricks in stone work
Old Walk
A walkway through old buildings
Colorful Glass
A stained glass panel
Ta Prohm
Stone work column
Stairs leading to a fortress sentry post
The Grind
A grinding wheels in a field
Night Lit
A night lit street with cobblestone
Red Door
A red door with gold
A doorway with vines and steps
A gargoyle looks over Paris
Green Door
A stone house with green door and stairs
Geometric spiraling staircase
A wrought iron door knocker on wooden door
The Row
A row of colorful cabins on the beach
The waters reflection completes the arches
House Stack
Colorful houses clustered together on a hill
The textured side of a building
A beautiful domed walkway
Through the Rocks
A wooden stair through rocks to the ocean waves
Colorful Cassa's
Colorful houses clustered on a hill in Bosa
Terra Arches
A walk way through arches
Blue to Blue
A blue door to blue stairs
The Glow
A golden light from a lit arched doorway
Ocean Stair
Marble steps on the ocean
Stone Way
Arched door way carved from stone
Ancient Steps
Ancient steps lead up along a patinaed wall
Italy 1
Italian stone work
Italy 2
Italian stone work stairs
Italy 3
Italian stone work and iron gate
Looking Up
Notre Dame
Window Flowers
Windows with flowers in Venice
Under the Eiffel
Night view from under the Eiffel Tower
The Taj Majal
Red Chair
A red bench along a planted sidewalk
Circle of Stone
Stones in the Berlin Circle
A red door with flowering bush
Intricate Work
Intricate carvings in a wall
Tile Colors
Tile work on a wall
Venice Bridge
A bridge in Venice
Stone Stall
Stone wall of a building with a horse in the window
Emerald Lake
From the porch
Violet Lit
A view of spiral staircase
Artful Escape
View of a fire escape with shadows
Ringed in Stone
A door and window in a stone building
Stone Spiral
A marble spiral staircase
Goth Style
Brooklin bridge
When in Rome
Looking down an arch-like spiral staircase
A building is in disrepair with a stormy sky
View of a wrough iron fence
A window and a bright yellow wall
Fire escapes on a building
Abstract Stair
A brightly painted spiral staircase
Open Gates
Arched open stone gates
Who's There
Old door and pass gate
Roof Tile
Tile work on a roof
10th Century Temple
Scotland U
Stone work at the University of Scotland
Out West
An old building on the desert plains
Mosaic Dome
An intricately decorated dome
Moroccan Tile
Tiled stair and walls
French buildings
Over Looking
Columns over looking the ocean
Pyramid at sunset
El Tajin
Pyramid in Mexico
The Sphinx
Two pyramids and the sun
A pyramid
Adobe buildings in New Mexico
Taos Blue
An adobe building with blue window and door